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Save the Children Norway is a child rights organization with zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior towards children, all forms of corruption, harassment, discrimination and bullying. Save the Children Norway encourages everyone to report unethical or inappropriate behavior through our whistleblowing channels.

What is whistleblowing?

Ikon for varsling

Whistleblowing is reporting suspected violations of Save the Children Norway’s Code of Conduct, policies and procedures. Our employees can report, but so can volunteers, elected officials, consultants, sub-contractors and members of Press – the youth organisation for Save the Children Norway. Our beneficiaries, people or groups working with Save the Children Norway can also report.

Reporting is positive

We encourage people to report wrongdoings so we can look into the matter to make sure our Code of Conduct, policies and procedures are followed.

This is how you report to Save the Children Norway:

Matters can be reported to alert@reddbarna or by calling us at 22 99 09 00 (ask for the Whistleblowing Manager). You can also notify your point of contact within the organisation that will help you report the case through our whistleblowing channels. It is also possible to report directly to Save the Children Norway’s CEO and Board Chair.

Is it safe to report?

Save the Children will protect anyone who reports suspected wrongdoing against reprisals. Save the Children will protect involved parties, and reports will be handled without undue delay, respectfully, thoroughly and correctly. Matters are handled in confidence.