Foto: Hanne Bjugstad / Redd Barna
More money to education is needed, but it is equally important to measure how money is allocated in order to reach the most marginalised children.

More is Not Enough - education report released September 2014:

Global education is grossly underfunded. But more funding is not enough to ensure every child’s right to education. The distribution and utilisation of resources must be considered as well.

In the report More is Not Enough: Achieving Equity in Domestic Education Financing spending patterns in education are studied to unmask inequalities and suggest policies to ensure more equity. One of the findings is that poverty is the main source of inequity in education. 

The poorest groups of children are systematically losing out compared to the wealthier sections of the population. Measures should be taken to target these children and compensate for their disadvantage. 

Inequity has been identified as the main obstacle to achieving education for all. This report is a contribution to the ongoing debate on education financing and how to make sure that all children get access to free quality education. More funding must be accompanied by equitable mechanisms that help us reach the most marginalised and poorest children. 

The report More is Not Enough is written by The Research Base, commissioned by Save the Children. You can download the report here > 

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